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How to use the bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow

Not sure how you assemble the pregnancy pillow? Here are some tips on how to start using your pregnancy pillow.

In general, we recommend that you start using the bbhugme pregnancy pillow as early as possible. The pillow is designed to give you ultimate support, rest and sleep from the very beginning of your pregnancy.  


How to assemble the pillow: 


  • Unpack the pillow from the storage bag. The pregnancy pillow kit consists of 3 parts: 1 inner pillow, a cover and pebbles. 
  • Add the cover to the inner pillow.
  • Secure each end with the pebbles.
  • Use the pebbles to adjust the firmness of the pillow: For more firmness - tighten the pebbles. If you want less volume and firmness, loosen the pebbles.


Watch this user guide for more details and complete visual intructions.

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